Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest growth Industry with no signs of slowing down. It is expected that the growth rate will more than double by the year 2020. Thus, the Industry makes it open to a tremendous diversity of employment opportunities. In addition to securing jobs in travel agencies, airlines, as tour operators, and travel professionals, our students can also establish their own travel and tourism agencies. The very multidisciplinary nature of travel and tourism offers job opportunities for all our students.

Tashline Institute of Aviation ensures that we provide our students with the best possible preparation when applying for jobs and ultimately starting a career in the booming travel and tourism industry. The institution is developed to meet the needs of the aviation, travel and tourism industry by way of producing well trained staffs for both domestic and international travels and tourism related organizations. The demands of employers in the travel and tourism industry are constantly changing at the same time becoming highly competitive.

Students can choose from varieties of programmes combining the highest academic standards with the latest aviation industry developments and knowledge. Each student will have the opportunity to do their three months industrial attachment after the training which may lead to a permanent job with the institute.